Modenus Names Luxury Kitchen Products

Saturday | December 24th, 2011

It was a lovely honor to be included in the Modenus newsletter dedicated to luxury kitchen products. Who doesn't love to dream about a luxury kitchen? Veronika Miller, founder of Modenus, travels the world in search of, simply, good design, attending countless design exhibitions each year. Modenus, under Miller's leadership, organized Blog Tour 2011,  held during London Design Week, which I attended along with 18 other American design bloggers in September, 2011.

The next Blog Tour will be held in New York in March 2012. Every company which has a presence in Modenus' website has been carefully curated and lovingly supported by Veronika and her team. Modenus is committed to the discovery of good design and to bringing the design community together in support of one another; a lovely and noble cause. 

Following are a few products selected by Modenus. Luxury does not always refer to price, but to longevity, quality and originality of design.

Posted By: Susan


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