Bornholm Kitchen - scandinavian inspired custom kitchen design, islands, vanities and kitchen furniture for the warm, modern home.

From the start, the vision behind Bornholm Kitchen was to achieve the perfect balance of beauty, durability, longevity, a health conscious philosophy and environmentally friendly construction methods.

Bornholm Kitchen cabinet bodies are made with sustainable wood products which have no urea formaldehyde added and which contain soy based resins. All wood products originate from the US, are made with a high level of recyclable materials and the finished Bornholm Kitchen product, while designed and constructed for longevity, is also recyclable. The air quality in your home, as a result, is preserved and protected.

Our finish is, in a word, luxurious...and healthy. Our high quality oil finish, typically used in fine furniture, is extremely durable, has survived rigorous testing, and is 100% VOC-FREE. Our finish is made from natural plant oils, natural waxes and organic pigments. There is no added formaldehyde, ammonia, solvents or other toxic chemicals. The natural feel and look of the wood is respected, with no effect on your indoor air quality. The factory in which our artisans create your Bornholm Kitchen has been awarded the ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) certification by the Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

We, at Bornholm Kitchen, care deeply for the health of our clients who purchase our products.